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How to Conduct

THE Lamb Umbrellas for Peace PROJECT



Lamb Umbrellas for Peace – An Overview

Lamb Umbrellas for Peace is a global art project involving

painting and decorating umbrellas by children and adults.

Individuals are encouraged to artistically design an umbrella

that represents their personal values of world peace. A subsequent

parade happens throughout their neighborhood, campus, place

of employment, etc. The parade serves as a manifestation of the

individual bringing peace to their immediate surroundings as well

as the world as a whole.

Lamb Umbrellas for Peace has worked with preschool through

college students and adults of all ages. Organizations of all kinds and sizes are welcome to conduct a project and Lamb Umbrellas for Peace at its core is an unbiased activity meant to bring people together.


The Umbrella – Meaning and Message
The umbrella serves as a universal metaphor for protection. The umbrella does not discriminate, and all people, regardless of age, gender, race, or ethnicity are safe under the umbrella. The top of the umbrella acts as the shelter both physically and symbolically and this portion represents our hopes, dreams, and aspirations for ourselves and for peace. The underside of the umbrella symbolically represents our concerns and fears. Lamb Umbrellas for Peace not only works to help individuals express positive emotions but also aids in the healing of emotional wounds and overcoming negative experiences by immersing the individual in a creative, non-judgmental environment. The umbrella and its symbolism effectively impart the ideal that a message of peace, hope, love, and tolerance embodied through art can triumph over aggression, violence, and all that stands in the way of peace.


Conducting Your Own Lamb Umbrellas for Peace Project
If you or your organization are interested in conducting your very own Lamb Umbrellas for Peace Project, please Rose Gabler at Please know that we work tirelessly to transform every individual from victim to victor by offering a creative outlet capable of overcoming negative situations while simultaneously spreading a message of peace and tolerance.

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